LCH Major Fire Evacuation Mock Drill

 Around 200 people including hospital staff and 20 patients 'trapped' by a fire were 'rescued' from the fourth floor of Lifecare Hospital building in Musaffah in Abu Dhabi during a mock fire drill. The drill was carried out by Life Care Hospital in association with Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, Abu Dhabi Police and Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD). The exercise was in line with the emirate's goals of protecting lives and property, increasing emergency preparedness and reducing response time.  "The hospital was simulated on the entire fourth floor turning it into departments such as neo natal ICU, ICU, labor delivery ward, in-patient rooms and isolation rooms. In fact, Lifecare Hospital's Health and Safety department makes it mandatory for the nurses to get training on evacuation during incidents of emergency," said SK Abdulla, Regional Director, Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah.The drill began at around 10:30 am with internal declaration of fire emergency (Code Red) and hospital disaster management teams (fire fighting team, rescue team, salvage team, casualty receiving team & disaster control center) performed their activities. Smoke was generated on the fourth floor and then a call was made to the emergency number 999. Within a few minutes the staff was seen evacuating people from the building to the safe area at ground floor and they evacuated 15 people. Sgt Mohamed Al Naqbi, Civil Defence, "It was a nice initiative and the number of patients evacuated was the largest mock drill amongst the private hospitals in Abu Dhabi till now. Such drills are good as it increases the awareness and shows the preparedness of hospital in case such emergencies happen. We have suggested some improvement points that will be helpful in future." "As Ministry of Labor we are happy to see this activity. It shows how important is the human life for us and safety preparation make sure that everyone is safe in UAE. This activity shows that the hospital is concerned about the employees and the patients as well," Khaled Al Menhali, Head of Safety Section, Ministry of Labor.At the same time, paramedics and the fire brigade arrived at the scene. The firemen rushed to the fourth floor to attend to the fire and rescued 5 more patients from the affected floor. Abu Dhabi Health Authority (Emergency Operations Center) commended that carrying out such drills in hospital is mandatory for patient safety & is a remarkable initiative.  





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Around 200 people including hospital staff and 20 patients 'trapped' by a fire were 'rescued' from the fourth floor of Lifecare Hospital building i...