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Pharmaceutical Department

The pharmaceutical services include: 

Inpatient Pharmacy (IP)

IP Pharmacy serves the hospital for 24 hours and provides all hospitalized patients with their medications. Total parental nutrition also is supervised by the clinical pharmacists.

Outpatient Pharmacy (OP)

OP Pharmacy provide a 24 hour service and dispense prescriptions from the hospital and other clinics community clinics. All pharmaceutical preparations, Nutrition and Vitamins and Over the Counter (OTC) products are handled by well trained and competent pharmacists.

Clinical Pharmacist Services

Clinical pharmacists supervise the implementation of the hospital's pharmaceutical care plan. They are also responsible for collecting and analyzing any reports about medication errors and reported drug adverse reactions (ADR).They also provide recommendations when consulted by physicians. Clinical Pharmacists deal with the dieticians and medical staff and helps in devising suitable nutrition plans (related to the effects on drug absorption and interaction), drug therapy and treatment procedures.

In-Patient Rooms

In-Patient Rooms

The total capacity of the Lifecare hospital Group has been increased to 200 beds. The rooms and suites at of the hospitals have been designed, decorated and furnished by international design companies.

We offer different category of rooms depending on patient requirements:

  • Regular suites
  • VIP rooms
  • Private single rooms
  • Semi Private Rooms
  • Isolation Rooms

For short stay patients requiring observation or a procedure we have Day care beds.

The hospital management meticulously and closely monitors and checks that all room facilities are suitable for the patient, well maintained and ensure a pleasant experience for both the patient and their visitors. They inspect and get results from monitoring processes for Air conditioning, TV connections, Plumbing and Electricity, Bedding, Laundry and room Cleanliness.

Room Service

Room service provides a full catering service with unique selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A long list of various foods can also be ordered through our room services.

Customer Care

Customer Care Department

The Customer Care Department is the important link between patients and hospital Services in all areas of the facility.

In this department a qualified team works with quiet, friendly efficiency to meet the needs of Inpatients and Outpatients. They inform them of hospital services and to acquaint them the information concerning the patient rights and responsibilities in the hospital. They help them in time of need and facilitate their requirements.

To satisfy our patients and sustain our creditability, the customer care department works to find appropriate solutions to their problems and complaints and then documents it as part of our Total Quality Management (TQM). They also collect the questionnaires about the extent of patient satisfaction with the services provided. This information is used by the Quality department to improve quality in the hospital.

Nursing Department

Nursing Department

The purpose of nursing department is to ensure the delivery of optimal patient care and excellent patient care services in accordance with the hospital vision and mission statement. The nursing department Lifecare Hospital is lead by senior nurses who are well experienced and enthusiastic to inculcate a culture of patient safety. We have highly qualified and well experienced nursing staff who provides a wide variety of services.

Services provided by the nursing department includes but not limited to:

  • Outpatient services
  • Acute/ Emergency management  of the patients
  • General medical and surgical care
  • Intensive care
  • Newborn and maternity care services
  • Child health care services
  • Patient education and counseling
  • Surgical and post anesthesia care services
  • Prevention and control of infection
  • Cardiac cathlab
  • Endoscopy services
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery

Nursing practice is evidence based and delivery of care is guided by general and unit wise policies and procedures. Nursing department ensures safe and effective patient care by providing continuing professional education for the nurses and conducting evidence based workshops in line with the HAAD regulatory and health professional licensing standards.

Training & Education

Training & Education

"Together we stand for saving lives”

We strive to make ongoing contribution to the society by providing excellent quality training which helps to improve the knowledge about emergency services and skills of life saving. We are support training site, approved by American Heart Association and Health Authority, Abu Dhabi.

 Target audience :

Our training's are aimed at both medical and non medical professionals who wish to learn basic life saving skills which enables an individual to respond to emergencies.

Our vision
To be one of the premier and state of the art training facility for public and health care professionals in the UAE in accordance with the latest world standards.

Our mission
We provide excellent quality, easily accessible and cost effective training in accordance with AHA policies, procedures and guidance.

Courses offered by us:

Health care community:
• BLS for health care professionals
• Airway management
• CME/CNE Sessions

Non- medical Community:
• Heart saver First Aid CPR AED
• Heart saver First Aid
• Heart saver CPR AED

Benefits of training with us
• High Quality training
• State of the art facility
• Hands on approach
• Individualized attention
• Flexibility
• Cost effective


Dr. Deepak
BLS, First Aid, Heart Saver, ACLS

Dr. Montasir
(General Practioner)
BLS, First Aid, Heart Saver

Dr. Waseem
(Clinical Manager)


Ms. Anu Mathew
BLS, First Aid, Heart Saver


Mr. Manesh Babu
(Nursing Supervisor)
BLS, First Aid, Heart Saver

Ms. Aji M. Raju
(Nurse Educator)
BLS, First Aid, Heart Saver

Mr. Jan Michel
(Nursing Supervisor)
BLS, First Aid, Heart Saver


“ Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”


For Any Bookings And Enquiries:
Ms. Aji M Raju
02-4148248 / 056-4141224

Occupation Medical Check−up

Occupation Medical Check−up Packages

At Lifecare Hospital, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE:

It is proven that it is more economical to invest in preventive healthcare rather than to think of a hospital only in times of distress. More than the cost, it is about the sheer joy of living a happy life without having to worry about one's health.

One of the most comprehensive Health Screening Programs in western region of Abu Dhabi, Lifecare Hospital- Musaffah, Occupational Health Medical Check−up offers you the convenience of all the tests under one roof and immediate treatment if called for.

Industry wise Occupational Health Checkups
Oil & Gas

Offshore & Onshore medical checkups are carried out to ensure an individual is fit to work in an offshore or Onshore oil and gas exploration and production environment and travel to a specific site, and to promote good health in general.

Type of Medical Checkups

  • ADCO MFC for regular & Food handler employees below & above 40
  • ADMA OPCO / ADGAS MFC for regular & Food handler employees below & above 40 years
  • ZADCO / NDC MFC for regular & Food handler employees below & above 40 years 
  • COMBINED ZADCO & ADMA OPCO MFC for regular & Food handler employees below & above 40 years 
Food Handler & Catering

Food handlers are required proper health screening to prevent any hazards or risks that can cause harm to themselves and the public.

  • Basic Food Handler Medical Checkup
  • Comprehensive Food Handler Medical Checkup   
  • ADNOC group companies Food Handler Medical Checkup  
Construction & Electro Mechanical Contracting

Construction workers undergo medical checkup related to their profession. Workers in 22 construction-related categories, including masons, carpenters, painters and electricians, can undergo these checkups.

Workers handling hazardous wastes can experience high levels of stress. Their daily tasks may expose them to toxic chemicals, safety hazards, biologic hazards, and radiation. They may develop heat stress while wearing protective equipment or working under temperature extremes, or face life-threatening emergencies such as explosions and fires. Therefore, a medical checkup is essential to assess and monitor workers health and fitness both prior to employment and during the course of work.

  • Medical Check up for Chemical Handler
  • Medical Check up for Noise & Skin Hazard  
  • Medical Check up for Respiratory & Skin Hazard
Logistics & Automobile

Everyone knows that being healthy enough to drive safely is important. Medical standards required for most truck drivers are to be met in order to drive as a professional. The medical certificate screenings is done with a regular checkup from a doctor.

  • Medical Check up for Heavy duty driver
  • Medical Check up for Light duty driver

Aviation medical certificates are a requirement for most pilots. They need to pass an aviation medical exam in order to legally utilize the privileges of pilot certificates.

All new cabin & ground crew require an initial medical examination. Periodic medical assessments are required for all cabin & ground crew at intervals. Assessments are carried out before the expiry date of the previous Medical Report & medical assessment.

  • Medical Check up for Pilots
  • Medical Check up for Cabin crew
  • Medical Check up for Ground crew

Seafarer Medicals are the main medical fitness certification for those who work at sea.

  • Medical Check up for Seamen
  • Medical Check up for Captain / Master