Advanced emergency department in Musaffah caters to region’s industrial community

The department consists of highly experienced emergency and trauma care experts

Abu Dhabi: Lifecare Hospital in Musaffah has opened an advanced emergency department to offer the region’s sizeable industrial workforce the highest quality of critical care in Abu Dhabi.

The Department of Health (DoH) granted the licence after the hospital met all the requirements to provide emergency care services to the people. The new department will provide round-the-clock medical care and emergency treatment for industrial and occupational construction site injuries, including 999 cases that require immediate medical attention.

Lifecare Hospital, a unit of Burjeel Holdings, has been serving the industrial community for the past nine years by treating complex and chronic illnesses. It provides treatments for cardiac emergencies, strokes, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions sustained at industrial and occupational construction sites. The hospital is advancing its offerings based on the community’s needs by opening the Emergency Department. The newly launched department is capable of handling a larger number of cases, including minor injuries to life-threatening situations occurring at the workplace, and offers treatment for all medical and surgical emergencies.

The department specialises in wound management, heat strokes, burns, scalds, fractures, dislocations, crush injuries, head injuries, and spinal trauma. It is also assisted by a pre-hospital ambulance service that provides CPR and stabilisation on the ground.

Highly trainined staff

The Emergency Department is supported by highly trained board-certified emergency physicians, nurses, and support staff who collaborate to ensure every patient receives high-quality care safely and promptly. The hospital also has specialists who provide services in cardiac care, neurosurgery, pulmonology, neurology, ENT, urology, and internal medicine.

The launch ceremony was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Sultan Hadir, Musaffah Police Station; Hameed Al Marzouqi, Manager, Musaffah Municipality; John Sunil, CEO Burjeel Holdings, and Safeer Ahamed, COO Burjeel Holdings. A delegation of officials from Musaffah Municipality and Musaffah Police also attended the event.

Dr Hussein Kzar Basi Al-Shamri, HoD, Consultant — Emergency Medicine, said the launch of emergency services is another step towards creating an advanced health care ecosystem in and around the industrial belt of Musaffah.

“Over the years, we have been providing round-the-clock urgent care to the industrial workforce and communities of Musaffah. We use advanced medical and diagnostic technology and evidence-based protocols to provide care quickly, efficiently, and accurately while ensuring a faster and more effective recovery. By obtaining the license, we will be able to offer emergency care to the people of the area through a well-trained and dedicated team of experts,” said Dr. Al-Shamri.

Industrial zone

The hospital is strategically located in the heart of the industrial zone of Abu Dhabi, with a population of around half a million people. It is also well-connected with the western and Al Dhafra regions.

“We are committed to providing our communities with the most advanced care, technology, and medical expertise. The Emergency Department will greatly improve the quality of health care for residents in Musaffah, and we are confident that our team of medical professionals will provide the highest standard of care. We thank the DoH for the support and guidance in opening the department. We aim to set a benchmark in emergency care,” said Mr. Sunil.

As part of its outreach program, the hospital will also conduct awareness campaigns on emergency care and health care screenings in industrial zones.

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