General Medicine

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The Department of General Medicine at Lifecare Hospital, Abu Dhabi, provides comprehensive medical care to patients with various conditions. We offer a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive services to keep patients healthy and thriving. Our doctors provide primary care for common colds, flu, and more severe illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, our outpatient clinic offers specialized care for those suffering from chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma. We also provide care for newborns through adolescents by offering routine pediatric exams and immunizations.


General Checkup for Males and Females 

Adult immunization Program 

Traveling Advice and Vaccination 

Contraception/Family Planning and Advice 

Counseling and Education for Health Promotion such as Diet, Physical Activity, Smoking Cessation, Relaxation Techniques, and Breast Self-Examination

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Ali Adnan
Hassan Bilal
Shruthi Chamala
Sudhir Balaji Suryanarayana
Jigar Patel
Sajjad Ahmed
MD Rezwan Alam
Mahesh Kumar
Solomon Abraham Thengumth
Prathap Kadiveti
Suroop Chand
Ashok Kumar
Kapeel Kumar
Zia Ud Din
Mohammed Riyazuddin
Sabar Ali Sabar
Mansoor Ahmed Rangrez
Reena Sawlani
Nirmala Manickam
Vineetha Sooraj
Kasi Vishwanath Surabhi
Jamshed Nawaz
Asif Ali Kalwar
Devendra Shetty 
Hassan Ali Shah 
Areeg Abbas
Vicky Kumar
Mohammed Sobhi Ibrahim
Honey Let Quinit Julakit 

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