Cooling center serves more than 20,000 industrial workers in Musaffah

The cooling center was set up by Lifecare hospital, Abu Dhabi Police, and Municipality as part of ‘Have a Healthy Summer’ campaign

Abu Dhabi: Around 20,000 workers in and around the Musaffah region have availed the service of a cooling center and health check-up facility, which was arranged by Abu Dhabi Police and Abu Dhabi Municipality, in collaboration with Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah, to cater to the needs of laborers in the region working under the scorching sun. Lifecare Hospital, a unit of the Abu Dhabi-based Burjeel Holdings, has launched the ‘Have a Healthy Summer’ campaign to create awareness among the workers in the industrial area about the extreme temperatures and the likely hazards they face. The air-conditioned cool down booth has a team of nurses who are checking the vitals and providing first aid to all those who are visiting with signs of heatstroke. The team also transferred those suspected of having heatstroke to the hospital for further treatment. Additionally, the booth is serving ORS water, water bottles, and other refreshments to the workers to stay hydrated as well as distributing awareness material on how to beat the heat. Recently, when the temperatures soared and the heat wave hit many parts of the region, the booth was a relief for blue-collar workers, delivery drivers, and taxi drivers who work outdoors. As part of the campaign, which started on August 1, the hospital staff is visiting various workplaces to create awareness and is informing them about the precautionary measures to take while working during the summer.

“As a care provider, our effort is to support those who work in the extreme heat. The cool down booth is an effective solution to help prevent heat-related injuries such as heat stress, exhaustion, fainting or heat stroke, etc. Our cool down booth, where the workers can sit and relax, offer a respite from the heat. Through this campaign, we are taking various measures to make the workers in Musaffah more comfortable and healthy during the summer. We want to highlight the health risks involved with working in high temperatures and the strategies people can implement to protect themselves,” said Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Deputy Medical Director, LLH Hospital, Musaffah. The workers can avail the facilities of the cooling center from 12:00 PM-4:00 PM, which will run until mid-September. 

“I am glad Lifecare Hospital is organizing such campaigns to help workers like us. The cooling center is a blessing as they help us get some rest. The healthcare workers are making us understand the different health issues and precautionary measures that should be taken during the summer,” said Kamran Ahmed Sheikh, Health Safety and Environment Manager in a private company, who is using the facility.

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