Frontline Heroes Office celebrates UAE’s world-class nursing professionals on International Nurses Day

ABU DHABI, 12th May, 2023 (WAM) — Frontline Heroes Office (FHO) celebrated International Nurses Day today, praising the prominent role of nursing staff in the country’s health sector and their support in helping to make the UAE a distinguished, global leader in providing health services.

The office highlighted the efforts of the nurses who make up the frontline heroes that protect the health and safety of community members and their full readiness to face challenges and health crises.
Mouza Saeed Farsi Al Junaib, Senior Charge Nurse/Unit Manager-Health Operations Management Head Quarter Division Ambulatory Healthcare Services in Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, has worked in nursing for 24 years. She expressed her passion for nursing and the daily challenges she faces in providing the highest levels of patient safety and care.

Mouza added, “The FHO has always been the lead supporter of, and contributor to, the nursing profession, especially in times of crises, which gave us all the strength to conduct our duties with passion.”

Expressing her pride at being part of the country’s health sector, Aysha Ali AlMahri, Group Chief Nursing Officer at Burjeel Holding, said nursing is a sublime profession whose essence is to help people and put a smile on their faces.

“I find that the challenges we face in the nursing profession are nothing but opportunities that qualify us to be fully prepared for future changes in the medical field,” she said.

She also expressed her keenness to continuously develop her expertise and skills, which will allow her to implement strategies aligned with the vision of the wise leadership and her ambition to be an influential player in building the nation’s capability to overcome challenges.

The Frontline Heroes Office thanked all the nursing staff in the country and the wise leadership, which has always provided support and has encouraged the professional development of the nation’s human talent base.

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