UAE doctors say serious cases of heat stroke on the rise amid soaring temperatures

heat stroke in UAE

Dr. Baiju Faizal, the esteemed Consultant in Internal Medicine at Lifecare Hospital in Musaffah, sat down with Al Arabiya English to shed light on the current heat-related challenges faced by outdoor workers in the UAE.

Despite the introduction of the mandatory midday break for workers from July 15 to September 15, Dr. Faizal highlights a concerning spike in heat-related illnesses, particularly among those working outdoors, such as in the construction sector.

“We are witnessing a considerable rise in such cases, especially among individuals engaged in outdoor activities like construction,” stated Dr. Faizal. Many of these patients are middle-aged workers who brave the scorching sun to earn their livelihood.

Nevertheless, Dr. Faizal believes that the UAE’s midday break rule has made a positive impact in recent years. Due to increased awareness and improved safety measures implemented by various companies, the number of outdoor workers seeking emergency medical attention for heat-related illnesses has decreased significantly.

“Previously, we used to have a significant number of cases, sometimes exceeding 10-20 cases a day. However, this trend has now decreased,” shared the doctor.

It’s evident that the UAE’s continuous efforts in promoting safety, enforcing regulations, and creating awareness are making a difference. But our mission doesn’t stop here!

As healthcare providers, we remain dedicated to supporting and safeguarding the well-being of every individual in the community. If you or anyone you know experiences heat-related symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out for medical assistance.

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