May Day in UAE: Thousands of blue-collar workers get free health checkups

Healthcare workers of different hospitals engaged with thousands of blue-collar workers from 10 labour accommodations during fun-filled activities held as part of May Day in Abu Dhabi.

Observing the International Workers’ Day, which falls on May 1, hospitals under VPS Healthcare in the industrial area of Mussafah organised programmes: ‘Work and Wellness of Workers’ where blue-collar workers participated in events like singing, dancing, push-up competitions and more.

Held ahead of May Day, the initiatives from hospitals were in collaboration with Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Abu Dhabi Police and ZonesCorp – the largest operator of purpose-built economic zones in the UAE.

With the number of new cases of Covid-19 declining across the country and with the start of the long Eid Al Fitr holidays, frontline healthcare workers from Lifecare and LLH Hospitals in Mussafah also conducted an awareness drive: ‘Have a Healthy Feast’.

The medical team conducted health checkups for more than 11,000 workers and reminded blue-collar workers about adhering to the Covid-19 precautionary measures and avoiding bingeing during the holidays.

Dr Sekhar Warrier, specialist cardiology, Dr Rakesh Gupta, specialist pulmonology, and Dr Mudhasir Ahmed, specialist medical oncology, from Lifecare Hospital, interacted with blue-collar workers.

“We had a great interactive session with the workers. We emphasised the importance of taking care of their health and consuming nutritious food. The fun activities organised for them were great stress busters,” Dr Warrier said.

Safeer Ahamed, regional CEO, VPS Healthcare, noted that the health and well-being of workers has been priorities of the Group’s hospitals in the industrial areas of UAE.

“This International Workers’ Day, along with health awareness campaigns, we have organised different entertainment programmes and fun activities for blue-collar workers staying in and around 10 labour camps in Abu Dhabi.”

Ibraheem Al Khalayleh, a blue-collar worker, staying in the Workers’ Village, said the events were a new experience for him and his colleagues.

“The programme was very engaging. We had a great time. We usually only see such programmes back in our home country. We hope hospitals and authorities organise more such programmes. It was fun, and the health awareness programme and checkups were also beneficial for us,” Al Khalayleh said.

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